Sheila Marquez by Zoey Grossman

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Down by the waterside

Can you tell me how far I’ve come, and can you tell meWhere I’ve been?Never stopped - I knew I should have run but now I don’tRemember where I amAll my life I’ve been holding back - consider this myLast requestEverything for all my best…Open up the sun and burn my eyesOpen up your arms and save my lifeI know I’ll never go home againI need a little more but I will take what I can getI promise you everything… everythingJust don’t forget me in the endRight in front of my face, and in between our little warsThis was something I couldn’t have and that just made meWant it moreNow I know the reason I was built like thisNow I know why I am here… I am here for you

Marianna Rothen

Levon Baghramyan